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Laxalt Statement on Potential ESA Listing of Sage Grouse

Las Vegas, NV - Today, candidate for Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt released the following statement concerning the possible listing of the sage grouse under the Endangered Species Act. Laxalt has spent the last couple weeks traveling through many rural counties in Nevada meeting with elected officials, industry leaders and regular citizens hearing their concerns about this issue.

"I applaud the ongoing efforts amongst Nevada citizens, local leaders and our bipartisan congressional delegation in preventing the possible listing under the Endangered Species Act of the Greater sage grouse,” Laxalt stated.  “Their hard work and determination on this issue is to be commended, and it is being widely noticed throughout our state."

“It is critically important that we have and maintain the full political weight and muscle of our state's citizens and leaders in fighting off efforts to list the sage grouse by this administration, or any future administration.  That includes the Nevada Office of the Attorney General."

"Should I be fortunate to serve as Nevada's next Attorney General, Nevadans can trust that I won't sit back and rely on others to fight this important fight alone.  Voters can trust that I will dedicate ample staff and resources to fight any federal attempts to impose such harmful regulations on our state and our citizens."

“Nevadans are still struggling to claw our way out of the recession.  Overreaching federal laws, regulations and spending are not helping.  Fortunately, the parts of our state that have done well during the past several years are those that have relied on mining.  Nevada’s mining and agriculture industries cannot survive such a listing by the federal government.  These industries make up two-thirds of our state’s top three."

“Nevadans are better equipped to handle this issue than Washington bureaucrats.  I trust the citizens, stakeholders and landowners here in Nevada to do what’s best and effectively resolve this issue, and I’ll stand alongside and assist them, and our federal delegation, as Nevada’s next attorney general.”


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