Dear Nevadans,

Our state needs strong leadership now more than ever and I want to step up and serve you as your Attorney General. I know what it is like to lead and to fight for our citizens’ rights. I learned these values while serving our country in the US Navy and in Operation Iraqi Freedom. As your Attorney General I will fight for Nevadans security and liberty tirelessly as I have throughout my legal career.

I believe deeply in the people of Nevada and that we know what is best for our State. I will be accountable only to you and not to lobbyists, insiders, or Washington politicians. Today we live in an America with a federal government that hurts our economy, tramples state’s rights, and limits personal liberty. We cannot continue to take this abuse and encroachment. As attorney general I will zealously fight against this federal overreach. I will also work hand in hand with Nevada law enforcement to lower Nevada’s crime rate. I will work to protect women and children and our state’s most vulnerable, as well as examine avenues to toughen sentencing for violent offenders. Together we will build a stronger, safer, and freer Nevada.

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Thank you for your support,



As a husband and a father, I know nothing is more important than keeping our families safe from dangerous criminals and predators.  I want my daughter to inherit a stronger, safer Nevada.

As a former Navy prosecutor and Federal prosecutor, I know what it takes to protect our people and communities. In my time serving in Iraq, my unit assisted in the detention and prosecution of all wartime and terrorist captures.

I’ll prosecute criminals in Nevada like I have done throughout my legal career. As attorney general I will fight to fully prosecute criminals charged with violent crimes and property crimes to the fullest extent possible by law.

As a father of a baby girl, I can tell you protecting our children is my top priority. I want to increase the penalties and law enforcement tools to go after child predators and especially when it comes to preying on our kids online. I also want to build upon the work of the current Attorney General regarding child prostitution and to make sure all of our kids are safe and have a chance to flourish in our great state.



Far too often we’ve seen the federal government’s overreach tie the hands of Nevada’s job creators. Excessive regulations and mandates raise operating costs and stifle innovation, crushing the pioneer spirit that fostered our great state. Smaller government is better government. Nevadans know the ever-increasing interference out of Washington, D.C. makes it harder for the working people of Nevada and small business owners to create jobs and grow the economy.  From stifling regulations coming out of the Department of the Interior to Obamacare’s healthcare mandates that raise costs for small businesses - everyone is affected by Washington’s overreach. 
As attorney general I will fight back against the policies that tie the hands of job creators here at home, and will work to defend free market principles. 



America and Nevada are blessed.  We are a people, a state and a nation founded on the idea of liberty for all and a protection of our inalienable rights.  Through our Constitution, our founders choose not to be ruled by others but to rule ourselves.  That’s why as attorney general I will defend our constitutional rights and personal liberties, and fight against Washington’s overreach. 

I believe that the citizens of Nevada should be making their own healthcare decisions without the interference of Washington bureaucrats. That’s why I oppose Obamacare.  While the Obamacare roll-out has been a disaster, the long-term effects of this law will be even worse on our citizens.  Millions of Americans have already experienced rising costs, changes to their health plans, employers who can no longer afford to offer coverage, risks to our personal data and confusion surrounding the implementation of this law.  The sheer enormity of this law undermines self-government.

As attorney general I will join the fight against Obamacare and defend our state from other examples of federal overreach.



I swore an oath to protect and defend the US Constitution when I entered the military. Next November I would be honored to take a different oath and swear to defend Nevada’s Constitution. I will bring to Carson City the same qualities that I used to keep our military safe and ethical. Public service is a public trust. I am not a politician. I will be my own man and only answer to Nevadans in my quest to make government clean and transparent. In the spirit of transparency, my office will have an open and competitive bidding process for contracting outside counsel. I will also push for limits to contingency fees paid to outside firms to make sure that the public interest is being represented properly. We must work together to make government, once again, fully accountable to the people.  

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